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Is it possible for a minor to do family reunion? submitted by Johnny in Legal advice

hello again,
it is me again, i was woundering if it is possible to reuinion the Family in five months? five months before you be an adult 18!
thank youn

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Hi Waseem, May I ask you to explain a bit better your question? Using your own words, could you let me know more so that I can link somebody with the right expertise to this question? You are currently in Germany and you want to get Family reunion with which part of your family? Are they also living in Germany? =)
Paolo (Wefugees)
Yes, actually my family is not here, and I want to reunion them! Could it be possible to do that in only five months! I'm 17 now, and I'm going to be 18 in May. Reunion from outside of Germany!
Thank you so much @paolo for answering my question.
I see, perhaps @Marcel can help us out with this. I'm not super good with law but there is always somebody that finds the time to share his knowledge =)
Paolo (Wefugees)
Do you have already asylum granted ?
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by Marcel (Lawyer/Rechtsanwalt)

Hi Johnny/Waseem,

it may be possible. You must be 17 when the German embassy and the Ausländerbehörde decide on the application for a visa. The date of the application is not relevant. There are possibilities to enforce a fast treatment by court applications in case you have the impression that your case is not handled fast on purpose.

But you should keep the following in mind:

- Only your parents are allowed to apply for a visa for family reunion. Sisters/brothers can only apply once your parents are in Germany with a residence permit.

- The visa/residence permit of your parents expires on the date you turn 18; they will have no automatic right to stay on further, they will need a different ground to apply for residence permit. (They may be granted a residence permit due to their status as parents only if they are too old and in need of care by you.) So it is questionable whether they can stay on.

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Paolo (Wefugees)
Thanks everyone :)
one more question, please!
how can i make an application? do i have to apply or my Family home?
Hi Johnny, <br></br> your family has to apply in a German embassy for visa. This is only possible as long as you are under 18 and have a higher status than just subsidiary protection. Please see the steps for family reunification for minors <br>and this article about hardened family reunification for minors with subsidiary protection:</br>