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is the blue passport (Reiseausweis) enough to travel inside the EU withouth the Aufenthaltstitel ? submitted by Akram.f11 in Legal advice


My wallet was stolen couple of months ago, thus I have lost my resident permit card (Aufenthaltstitel), getting a new one might take a long time.
And I have a buisiness trip next week to Brussels ...

I need to know if the passport (Reiseausweis) is enought to travel there ...
as far as I know that as long as I'm traveling inside the EU, only the pass is required,
but I don't wanna risk it..

Please advice .

Hi @ Akram.f11, thanks for your question. The community will process it and come back with an answer as soon as possible =) Best, Paolo
Paolo (Wefugees)
@Paolo, thanks :) .. I'll be tuned
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by Marcel (Lawyer/Rechtsanwalt)

Hi Akram

that should be possible in case you have a Reiseausweis für Flüchtlinge issued by the Ausländerbehörde. You should check carefully that your Reiseausweis für Flüchtlinge is still valid, also until when you come back to Germany. Otherwise Germany authorities may refuse to let you back into Germany.

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thanks for your answer, yes there's not problem with the validation . im just making sure in ordere not to have a stupid situation in the airport,. i booked my flight already hopefully it will go smooth