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please please please! owners of this site especially. submitted by - in Asylum proceedings

hey guys im saif from palestine holding jordanian passport studying and mainly living in saudi arabia, from june to september im in jordan.
at that time im able to travel only becz here goverement control the borders and its way harder to leave as a refugee.
im 17 living with strict muslim family who would beat me for not praying or not getting good marks on quran or islamic studies or islamic history
they never care about others the only look at those and beat me whenever they get a chance to see the results im neglected by the teachers too
teachers sometimes treat me worse and make fun of me just because i dont pray with them at school i try always to escape it... not just at school in real too due to many reasons
i really hate going out i've aniexty and other things which make me feel so unsafe surronded with people especially in saudi arabia
because 5 times in like 3 weeks i was going to be kidnapped if i didn't escape them. one of those tries there were camera where i was at when i wanted to report
to the police they defended the target just because hes near a prince. im also getting harrased more than once per each time i leave home
at any time. and i only leave home for urgent times but i still face those rapists disgusting people.
i cant assist anyone of my family to help with visa firstly because everyone is against my religion and if any knows about it i would be killed at the same moment neither country or the family i would be killed.
im neglecting everyday in this home and this country doesn't have rights for people like me and by nearbys too im so much neglected by them just for how they see me
im not welcomed here at all and i dont feel fine at all being here everyday im having nightmares and cant sleep cuz of my thoughts and i have bleeded alot for stressing about this issue from my nose i always bleed from that
my dad is not poor at all just how he hate me and listen to others becz they say im useless and doesn't pray so he neglect me and call me names everday and onnly paying the first month of my school and pay the others and let me be
in jordan or here im not even to sleep like humans at all whereve i go they have to annoy me not single day in 2013-2016 summers i have slept more than 4hours mostly its spilted this 4 hours
my eyes got worse and worse everyday i capture album of my eye everyday from my brother phone he dont use but that phone is not starting anymore i only some of it pics but if im able to fix that phone i would send all the required pictures if needed.
he call me names everyday such as one day ill put u in garabge and throw u way no one needs you. he only pay me sometimes money for school not always just bcz of islam sometimes he think of his religino and think when he give me money god will erase his mistakes
just sometimes i have tooken some. never compared like others i never complain or anything i never used cent im saving from day i became athiest and i have got till now the flight money and
like 200euros, if i dont leave by 2017 sep. he will send me to palestine to live there forever bcz no use of me and there is no net and he wont offer education for me.(notice) (u cant work anything here under 18)-(and surely in palestine in yatta city there will be no chance of working there either and he wont allow me either)
no rights 0 hummanity 0 respect hate this home and hate this area.

i really need aslyum if you can afford me just small apartment to live in and i would work everyday to gain money and work on my self and repay who help me i accept anywhere in europe uk us anywhere just save me.
i can design with a normal standard in photoshop not in bad i guess maybe i can repay u by that too i can edit for anyone who would save me.
i beg you to look everything which can help me and i promise to repay even more for whatever u tried to help me with.

thanks for reading.
take care.

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by Paolo (Wefugees)

Hi @- ,

I read through your post and I understand this is a very complicated and difficult situation. To give a proper answer to your question, I need to refer to a lawyer and understand what kind of information you might need and which of these I'm allowed to post on the website.

Until then I cannot offer you more than this short message, unfortunately. I will contact you as soon as I receive myself more information.


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thank u so much.
im waiting, paolo thank u so much. will ur answer be a comment here or you gonna email me?
Hi @-, I've been gathering some information and considering the country you come from, I think there is not much we can do from here. What I've been told is that you should go through the official UNHCR route. I'm sorry it took a few days, but since it's a delicate matter, as I said, I needed to get in touch with a lawyer. It's a difficult situation, but going through the official and legal way through the UNHCR sounds like an option for you. Best, Paolo
Paolo (Wefugees)
Hey Dear :(, i contacted the unhcr email for jordan becz i couldn't find email for the officual unhcr email and jordan once didn't reply me :(. what to do :(
- Here's a link to contact their international offices. this is the only kind of info I can find for you
Paolo (Wefugees)
for Jordan, 962 6 530 20 00 / - a call is the best way I think, if you want a quicker answer and get some info
Paolo (Wefugees)
Paolo! I Really appericate you brother for all this carrying and help! I Wanna tell you im scared to call them because the government to track that call and know im atheist and so on if they ask unhcr ask about my case guys :(. what do u think about that country i live at watch calls alot and im worried about that what u think shalll i still do it? will unchr defend on me incase anything happen about that case. because i think unchr exist in jordan for Syrians usually.
Hi @- , personally I really don't know much about that. I Think I don't have the tools to help you further in understanding about the surveillance situation in Jordan. Unfortunately I'm prepared only on the German/European environment. Perhaps somebody else will join the conversation, but I can't give more info about that.
Paolo (Wefugees)
ill wait thank u!, i've got another questions what the best country i shall go for to accept my situation i see almost all europe filled with refugees :(
i chose Germany any help you can do now brother?
Hi @- , I think I don't have the tools to help you further. This community generally focuses on the needs of asylum seekers and resident refugees in Germany. I'm not prepared to provide the kind of expertise and help you are looking for.
Paolo (Wefugees)
Last question brother, do you get any relation with united nation?
Hi @- , I have to let you down on this. We have no connection with the United Nations whatsoever at the moment.
Paolo (Wefugees)
i've got 1 question, if i applied aslyum in germany and they accepted what will i gain ill only be able to move freely? will they give me place till i find work? i hope u know.
Hi, you will first be accomadated in a refugee accomdation Center, normally for about 3-6 months. After that you may be transferred to a refugee hostel or something similar. So basically you have a place to live but you may Need to have to share your room, it really depends on the situation, the accomodation is sometimes better, sometimes not so good and far away from the City.
Marcel (Lawyer/Rechtsanwalt)
After i gain it will i still share my room? i have some mental problems such as anxiety will they understand sometimes i cant be surrounded with people