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How to format questions and comments on Wefugees' forum? submitted by Paolo (Wefugees) in Information & Offers

Hello everybody in the community, I would just give a brief explanation of how to format the posts on this forum in order to make everything easier to read and search for. Here follow a few tips:

1 - When posting a question always include relevant key words (eg. "Looking for a job in Munich")
2 - Include relevant hashtags in your question at least for #language #city #topic
3 - in comments and questions we can use the basic HTML tag to format our answers. This means that we can use

<b> &lt;br&gt; </b>to go to the next line in comments (normally you post the comment if you press enter or shift+enter)
<b> &lt;b&gt;</b> "word" <b>&lt;/b&gt;</b> to make "word" bold
<b> &lt;i&gt;</b>"word" <b>&lt;/i&gt;</b> to make "word" italic

This "tags" work exactly like in every other website or in whatsapp.
So for going to the next line simply write <b> &lt;br&gt; </b> and every time you write it's going to create the space of a line. ( <b> &lt;br&gt; </b><b> &lt;br&gt; </b> this is going to space two lines for example).
For the other two instead you need to open it (<b>&lt;i&gt;</b> or <b>&lt;br&gt;</b>) then write what you want to be bold or italic and then close it (<b>&lt;/b&gt; </b>or <b>&lt;/i&gt;</b>) afterwards.

This should come handy in long comments. Please don't hesitate in commenting here if something in what I wrote it's unclear, and I will try to try my best at making myself better understood.

Have a great week here in the community and outside,

#English #Guide #Format #Formatting #Font #Community

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by Paolo (Wefugees)

CM :::Question answered:::

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To which question did CM give an answer? Isn't the above statement some kind of instruction? And who is CM? I'm a little bit confused.
Hi @Alissa, CM stands for community management. The purpose of this "Answer-statement" is to show the question not as an unsolved case in order not to disturb the experts in the research of unanswered questions. <br><br> The question itself was meant as a guide to formatting comments on the website. I hope this hasn't disturbed your experience on the website, but I suppose this was the best way to communicate with the community members.
Paolo (Wefugees)
Thank you for you enquiries. Best, Paolo
Paolo (Wefugees)
I would have expected this in category "Information and Offers". So you don't have to give an answer and you follow the structure rules of Wefugee's structure. But maybe it's not worth discussing the subject any longer. I only mentioned this because you recently rebuked a user for not being consequently on topic. No offence!
Hi @Alissa, no offence at all: always feel free to share your mind. Actually thank you very much for the help. I moved the question in "invormation and offers" and I hope this will find you satisfied. I'm glad to be part of this community with as engaged members as you are: let's all keep up with the good work =)
Paolo (Wefugees)