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Application for Asyl in the "Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung" neccessary ? submitted by frankfurterprinz in Asylum proceedings

Hey there,
I was wondering, if someone can help me with my issue for applying humanitarian asylum in Germany.
Is it necessary to take the ride to Giessen to apply for asylum, if I am located in Frankfurt ?
I wanted to avoid to go to a Police station or to the Ausländeramt and wanted to go "directly" to the reception center in Giessen. Is there a reception center in Frankfurt, where I can/should apply ?
I am also not living in my "homeland", as I managed to get out of the country almost 10 years ago, and since about 4 years I am traveling in visa-free countries. Now the embassy of my homeland asked me to come back, which would be fatal for me.

thanks for advices regarding the reception centers, upfront.

#reception #asylum

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There seems to be some outpost of the reception centre located in Frankfurt in the old Neckermann area at the Hanauer Landstraße.

However I was not able to find out if they would also register you there or simply send you over to Giessen.

Perhaps the people at the Fluechtlingsrat Hessen can help you: (Website is currently down)
Leipziger Str. 17, 60487 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon: 069 97698710

Or maybe the people at "Welcome Frankfurt":

if you send them a message.

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thank you so much, message and info is highly appreciated.
I got so many different info, but some said, i should just simply go to Giessen... maybe that would be the best