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Question about Formal asylum submitted by archbilal in Asylum proceedings

Hello , I am Bilal from Syria , I am living in Turkey now . I am an architect , human rights, and peacebuilding trainer , have a small family "wife and one daughter "

Kindly do you know about the international protection asylum program for Syrian ? maybe your friends know about this issue. I am looking for how can I apply to migrate to Germany , USA ,UK,or Canada.

#english #turkey Hi @archbilal, I'm adding some hashtags down here just to locate better the question inside of our framework. I'll let you know if my research about your question gets interesting result. Thanks for you question and have a good night. Paolo
Paolo (Wefugees)
many thanks for your efforts , waiting for your information
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by Jan

Hi Bilal,

see detailed informations of resettlement programs, given by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR):
Further informations by refworld:

Did these sources of information were of any use for you? Please tell us!

Kind regards, Jan

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thanks for your efforts , Sorry these links give the information about cases already done , but they didnot give me information about how I can apply .