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Can i Book separate flights through transit or one flight submitted by No3mani in Asylum proceedings

I want to go Germany to apply asylum by go Dominica and transit in Frankfurt can I book flight from Cairo to Frankfurt and another one from Frankfurt to Dominica or I must book one flight from Cairo to Dominica with transit in Frankfurt

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This question is a duplicate. To the original question
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by Alissa


If you have a stop in Frankfurt I think the second one is best.


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Hi @alissa, thanks for your answer: we really appreaciate the help you're providing. May I ask you to please also specify the reason for which you think Frankfurt is better so that this answer could be later used by other user looking for similar information? Thanks again and feel free to send us a message to let us know about your opinions about Wefugees. Have a good day
Paolo (Wefugees)
My answer is based on the experience of a good friend of mine.
Thanks for your clarification @alissa. It's always good for us to understand which are the sources of information we should dedicate more attention to. Have a good day
Paolo (Wefugees)