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can I request and apply my second interview and how? submitted by Cado in Asylum proceedings

Hello, I am Omar from Somalia, I live in Emmendingen, Baden-Württemberg region. I was here in 4 months and I did My first interview. So I have two questions.
My first question is whether it is possible that I can apply and request my second interview and how?
And my second question is I have finished my university and I have my degree becholar so it's possible that I can get benefits to my Asylum procedures?
Thank you for your help

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by Jan

Hello Omar,

Conercening question 1: Did you get the result of your first interview?
You can veto a negative result at an administrative court, but you have to do this within a week after you got the result. Ask a local aide for concrete help, you probably need the advice of a lawyer:

Question 2: To grant asylum is a basic right in Germany, so your education isn't of any influence in the asylum process.

Kind regards, Jan

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Thank you for replying In the first question, I didn't mean I get negative result but What I did was the primary interview. And Let me make it clear that I have the green ausweis and I don't have my big interview so can I request the big interview and how? Thanks once again
Now things are really clear. It's hard to give advice if you know only a few facts. I really appreciate every Wefugee member who tries his (or her!) best!
You are invited to your interview, you simply have to wait. See informations given by the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees: