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Is there a place to have an advice about where to continue my study and what are the proper steps to take? submitted by Gamma in Education

hello everybody!
I'm a Syrian Guy living in Oberhausen, NRW.
I've been here for a year and going to make my second interview on the 30th of August.
I'm doing the B1 German language course at the moment.
I want to know if there is an organization or an office to have proper advices about joining a university of Communication Design and what are the important steps to take in the process.

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by Jan

Hello Gamma,

Detailed Information about Communication design (in German):
by Studicheck:
by ‚Bachelor and more“:
by ‚Medien‘:

"Medien" offers a contact form for further information needs.
They answer your question on their site as follows (rough translation by me):

"A general answer isn't possible because of differnces between universities in federally organiszed education system in Germany. Ask the university you want to join for their conditions. See our list of universities here:"

Kind regards, Jan

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Much Appreciated!