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Gegen des Entsheidung zu erleben submitted by Shbat in Asylum proceedings

Hello ..
I have got the response from the Bundsamt with the one year validity, can he make the "objection for cassation" without a lawyer by sending any post or not ? I've found the link below below for the formal but I'm not sure whether it is the right one or not ?!

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I don't see the link you talked about in your posting. Can you add it? Though I only aproximatly know what you mean I would strongly recommend to ask a lawyer for advice.
I think Shbat is referring to this question: and this link that was posted there: caritas-nah-am-naechsten.d... Besides he also took part in the discussion in the thread linked above and received an answer by Danny. Apart from that the 14-day-deadline must be over by now.
Thor (Wefugees)
Why was this question not tagged as a double posting by the community administration? It's really confusing if you have to find out if a question is valid or not!
Hi @alissa, thanks for helping us in individuating this double posting. We'll link the two question and notify @Shbat about it right away. We're now linking this question to
Paolo (Wefugees)
This question is a duplicate. To the original question