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Where are German classes in Wesel? submitted by Donarost in Education

Hello dear Wefugee team,
I am writing to ask if you could give me information about where in Wesel refugees can learn German.I need the list of schools or organizations that help refugees to integrate and study the language:)
Thanks you.

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by Jan


Some offers in Wesel:

Deutsch lernen! (Do Learn German)
German for beginners
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 10:45 - 12:15 h AM

German for advanced learners (crash course)
From Mondays to Fridays, 13:30 - 16:30 h PM

Organizer: Katholisches Bildungsforum Wesel
Contact: KBF Wesel
Martinistr. 9
46483 Wesel
Tel.: 0281 / 2 45 81

Volkshochschule Wesel (VHS)
Learning German as a foreign language.
Information: (English translation see at the bottom of the page below the main text in German)

Kind regards, Jan

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Thank you so much dear Jan,today I have been to the last organization you mentioned(VHS )but I was told my country is not among the five countries the citizens of which cannot be involved in the classes yet they told me will see if they can do anything for me ,but my husband can be accepted as he is from Iraq so I am looking for other schools where I can learn the language.
My country is not among the five countries the citizens of which can be involved in classes I mean:)
It would us help to help you to know which country you're from. You didn't give the information in your question.
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by Maggi

Dear Donarost,

normally german classes for refugees in germany are organized in two different kind of ways. On one hand you have the official classes which are financed in some ways by institutions belonging to the state. Thoses classes are open only for special nationalities.
On the other hand you have german classes that are teached by volunteers or by people who are self-organized. Those classes are normally open for everyone.

I would try the first adress that jan provided, because it seems to me that your chances are better there! Additionally you can try out this contact:

FlüchtlingshilfeWesel e.V.
Tel. 02 81 / 5 34 46
Drevenacker Str. 17
46485 Wesel

On their website they are saying that they also help to learn german and they are also having german classes. I bet you will be able to join a class in one of these two establishments!

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The "Diakonische Werk Wesel" is also offering german courses. Here is their contact: Marisa Brosius 0281/156-204 E-Mail:
and this is page where I got the adresses from. Unfortunateley it's only in german:
Dear Magi thank you so much I have already emailed to KBF the first organization that Jan offered so will wait for the reply if I do not get I will walk there it is like five minutes from the camp I am now:)
I will also email the organizations you have found :)you all are so helping thanks a lot xxxx
:-) your welcome, it was my pleasure