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I'm waiting for my appointment - what to do now? submitted by nosi in Asylum proceedings

i enter Germany last September
in October they sent us to köln city . they said for us that we will get an appointmen in düsseldorf city to complete our papers . until we do nothing at all we are still moving on the first paper they gave us . even i go to a lawer three month ago to get for an appointment also she do nothing so 😧 i really want to feel safe and stability not just waiting the unknown

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I think I see your problem. Could you please tell us what you think Wefugee community could do for you concretely?
i want to know if there any steps i have to do to get this appointment .. but now there is a new decesions for köln city i will wait may be the soulotion is coming 😊
I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get your appointment - Good luck!
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