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I'm searching for a Kindergarten in Germany submitted by nosi in Education

I m a Syrian refugee
I will comlete ayear here in Germany koln city
i register my kid in the amt for kindergarte and i go for them several times that i want a place in a kindergarten for him
but no answer till now he will complete four years and he learn nothing
he will be four this month and i m already go to the privet kita but no place also
i dont want to waste another year in waiting ..i want him to start living as other kids to have friends and go school
i dont if you could help

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by Jan

Hello Nosi,

first of all: Your problem is a well-known problem for German people too, it's really hard to find a kindergarten place in major cities. Many parents apply for a place even in a kid's pre-birth time these days to improve their chances.

Do you kow the service of "Elternbüro im Kalk Karree"?
Hopefulley the can help, see details here: (German)

All the best!

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thank you Jan for this service i already registered in Dec last year for my both kids and i go for them again twice this year ..but they say i have to wait ..
Do you know the project "Grandparents sharing time with children", it's no equivalent to a kindergarten but it can help if you want your children to get in contact with German people, who really want to do something meaningful. General information: Contact: