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Question about Jobcenter and moving submitted by ammar-ke in Home & Living

Hello i found a flat in bremen and i want to move there and i live in hagen im bremischen and i already signed out of socialamt cause i already have three years residence please advice me as soon as possible
Best regard

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Please help us to understand your concrete problem. What exactly do you need, can you rephrase your statement as a question? I guess I am probably not the only one who doesn't know how to support you, it's quite unusual that a question isn't at least commentated within three days.
Hello Ammat. Could you please write it a bit more clearly what do you need advise on!
Let's wait patiently. There may be many reasons why explanation is hard to do. We would be glad to have Ammar's explanation, so we can see if and how we can support with a knowing hand.
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