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1 Year Residency Permit - Objection ? submitted by Rebiwar in Asylum proceedings

Hello ..

My roommate has got the response from the Bundsamt with the one year validity, can he make the "objection for cassation" without a lawyer by sending any post or not ? I've found the link below below for the formal but I'm not sure whether it is the right one or not ?!


Thank you ...

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by Danny

Hello Rebiwar,

Yes, your roommate can make the "objection for cassation" within 14 days at the administrative court (Verwaltungsgericht).
He should find the adress of the responsable court written at the end of the response letter he received.
The link for the form you sent is correct. In your roommate's case it would be Formularmuster 2 on page 3.
I would not recommend sending the objection by post without consulting a lawyer, even if this is possible.
The case is too important to risk any mistakes.
For further info on possibilities how to proceed please see the following link (in German and Arabic).

Please feel free to ask if you need any further info.


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Thank you very much Danny. I think it is somehow clear for me ..
Hello, I have got also the response from the Bundesamt with the one year validity, can you help in this subject . what must I do ?
Hello Shbat, As I have written in my answer to Rebiwar, you can make an "objection for cassation" but ohnly within 14 days after you have received the response. I would recommend, that you consult your local Flüchtlingsrat asap and ask them to recommend you a lawyer and how to proceed. Your address for the "objection for cassation" should be the administrative court which is written on the response letter you received. You can also go there in person with the letter your received, state that you want to sue the BAMF and ask for further steps and that they should recommend you a lawyer. You have to pay the costs for the lawyer at first and BAMF has to pay them if they should loose the case. Please also look at the documents Shbat and I have linked above. In any case you should search for local support of people with legal knowledge who support refugees in such cases. Best regards
Thank you....