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Searching for Ausbildung in München submitted by Shaikh in Education

Hallo Everyone,
My Name is Shaikh, 34 years old from Pakistan. I'm living in München.
I want to do Ausbildung here in München, is there any specific timing to apply for it? and most importantly that how & where to apply?
I will be really very thankful to you for all the information, details & requirements please.

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by Jan

Hello Shaikh,

there are plenty of schooling and education programs in Germany, they can be offered by companies or schools. Many of them start in August or September, some of them in February, closing date for applications often expire in February or March, respectivly in August or September.

You can get some Informations about training programs and different ways of education in a career counselling center, they are mostly a department of the local job center.

For Munich see detailed informations here: (German Language)
They have a toll-free service hotline: 0800 4 5555 00
You can as well use an online contact form:

Kind regards, Jan

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