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hallo i am looking for room in frankfurt submitted by muawia in Home & Living

hi i am a syrian refugee and i will move in september from kassel to frankfurt to live there so i am looking for a room in frankfurt that can the jobcenter pay it for me so please i need help
thank you so much


This question is a duplicate. To the original question
picture submitted
by Jan

Hello Muawia,

I noticed your first post with the same question (
Please don't repeat your question in a new post, that's no use and may only cause administrative work to preserve a distinct and effective community structure. Help us to keep Wefugee as clear and as simple as possible.

Every question is taken seriously in Wefugee community, but sometimes answers need some time to be given seriously, mostly because nvestigations take time and results are'nt available as quick as expected.

If you have the feeling that your question is misremembered, write a comment to your origina post, e.g. "Are there some answers yet?". Then your question appears in the above section "Recent Posts" and someone of the curious Wefugee crowd will have a look at the update.

Kind regards, Jan

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