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Any women in Berlin interested in starting a business/working selfemployed? submitted by Lula in Information & Offers

There are a lot of helpful programs for refugees, but we think there is a lack of offers esp. for women - so we created something:
Once a month there is a Newcomer Women's Flying Business Lunch in Berlin. It's open for women who were selfemployed in their home country and/or want to develop their personal career in Germany respectively want to start a business. The event is for getting in contact with people who can help (e.g. with information, consulting, mentoring).

Ask for further information in the comments or join our Facebook group:

#business #selfemployment #women #berlin

Dear Lula, thank you very much for this offer! This kind of events are very important! I hope you can reach a lot of women!
Henny (Admin)
Thank you! It is open for newcomer women and for people from organisations which support newcomers as well. Perhaps you can help us to spread the word!
Great idea!
We at AIDEN are looking for Women, too! It has been very difficult to get into contact with them!
Leo (Aiden)
Thank you for this information!
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