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How do I get the papers to enroll in an Integration Course? submitted by Sherko in Education

Hi everyone,
My name is Sherko Ahmed from Iraq and I am 35 years old and I have master degree in political science and I am in Germany for more than 6months living in a camp in Dortmund.
My main problem is till now that I didnt have any official paper to allow me to be enrolled in any language course.
So please if you have any information how I can get any chance to learn the language (websites, school, interactive programms)
I would appreciate it because I need it desperately to continue my studies and to find a job.

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by julia.d

Hi Sherko Ahmed,

Welcome to Wefugees :)

I found some resources for you in Dortmund:
^^^This is what the University offers, which may be helpful since you want to continue your studies. You could speak to them about what they offer academically and maybe sit in on some classes, which would also help you get an ear for the language.
^^^Their focus group is 18-25 but they could still be a good contact to have, and they could recommend other groups in Dortmund. Contact info is:
Manfred Hagedorn
Kleppingstraße 21-23
44135 Dortmund
tel 0231.50-23100

Also for more helpful information, take a look at these questions that were already answered on the forum. The first link is posted by someone also in Dortmund! Maybe you could send him a message and see what he´s been up to.

All the best,

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by EG

Hi, Online you can find resources here:
And of course Goethe Institut, it offers an app to learn from your phone

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Great links :) !!