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A question for the result from BAMF submitted by Khaldoun in Asylum proceedings

Hello, my name is Khaldoun Aljasem, from Syria.
I made 2 interviews in bayerouth city, Bavaria
Last one was in 6 of May, everyone made the interview before or after me get his result after at most 2 weeks, but until now I didn't get anything
How can I know the result or make it come soon?

Sincerely yours
Khaldoun Aljasem

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by Marie (Legal Support Athens)

Dear Khaldoun,

when did you arrive in Bavaria and when was you first Interview? It is normal that the decision takes some month. So probably the others were an exeption or they have a different case than you have.
I imagine it is hard to wait for it, but there is not much you can do.
Normally they send you the protocol first, after some weeks, and then later they let you know the decision.

I hope you will get it soon


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Dear madam Thank you for your answer I entered Bavaria on 12 of January 2016, my first interview was at 5 of April and the second was in 6 of May, I live in a hotel, everyone in the hotel made the interview before or after me get thier result, except me, and I really need the answer asap cause I want to study master here Sincerely yours Khaldoun Aljasem
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by Leo (Aiden)

Hey Khaldoun, thanks for your question. Unfortunately I am not in Bayreuth to help you personally, but I have some ideas for you.
I hope you still have your paperwork organized. It goes a long way of you know who you want to talk to. Call this person or make an appointment to talk to this person.
It may sound stupid but it even helps of you can find a German volunteer to go with you and help you.

I found that this site might provide additional information for you in Bayreuth

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Thank you for your answer Actually I don't think going to bayerouth to see anyone in the place of interview is good, cause when I finished the interview I asked them about the answer, they told me you have to wait, you can't enter the building without permission from somebody there, and of course I don't have it Sincerely yours Khaldoun Aljasem
You might have to wait a little. We have a couple of people who wait for months in cologne. We do try to schedule appointments for these especially difficult cases. Just be patient.
Leo (Aiden)