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Am I allowed to visit my family in a third country (not my homecountry)? submitted by MoniLink in Asylum proceedings

Hello everyone,


I am a journalist and last two years I am living in Germany as an asylum seeker. Gave interview to the Bundesamt eight months ago. But still now no response. I don't know when will get the response. I left my wife and son in my country. I want to meet with them for few days in any other countries. Is it possible? I know some other bloggers and journalists going outside of Germany. How it's possible? Who can help me with the information?

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by Jan

Hi MoniLink,

talk to your proper public authority responsible for aliens, they should give you an official permission. I don't expect any serious problems for your intention is time limited and has humanity reasons.
Any other action seems to be risky (see

In my humble opion you should also check the entry requirements of the country, you want to travel to. This may help:

Regards, Jan

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Tnx a lot Jan. So you think I can go Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand to visit my family for one week? It's very important for me to meet my family in anyway
Yes, but please see my advice above and ask your local aliens department for an official permission to leave Germany temporaryly. To know my reasons see, Chapter "Wohnsitzauflage" and "Reisen und Umziehen". Your reason to travel is absolutely comprehensible, that's why I am optimistic your request has a real chance to be successful.
Thanks a lot Jan. You are right but I think these are applied after getting positive from Bundesamt. But unfortunately my case is still not decided. I saw the intro of this page: it's written: "Wenn Sie eine Aufenthaltserlaubnis nach § 25a AufenthG erhalten..."
I am very sorry to hear that, I still reflect on your case, I hope get some new idea to support you.
Tnx a lot!