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How can I speed up my asylum procedures? submitted by MoniLink in Asylum proceedings

Hello friends,

I am herein Germany almost two years and gave interview to the Bundesamt six months back, but till now there is no result.

My family need to come here as soon as possible as they're not safe also.

How can I speed up my asylum procedures?

as far as i know there is no chance to speed it up. be patient like all the others, sorry
Tnx a lot. I have patience but think about my five year old son and wife. This's really inhuman
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by Jan


Detailed conditions for a accelerated asylum procedure are given here:

It may help if a German supporter asks at the 'Ausländerbehörde' about the status of your asylum procedure (language matters). That's what a colleague of mine did and things moved ahead.

Good luck, Jan

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Hello Loli, move your question to a question section (just copy the text, look for the button "Ask a question" in the right side menu column and the right place is only a mouseclick away. You actually made a comment to an answer, so only few people will find your question that means that only few people know that you need help.