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Looking for a single apartment submitted by Darkscm in Home & Living

Hello I'm looking for a single apartment and no luck with the Internet sites because I'm a refugee and no one will accept payments from the job center
Does anyone have a single apartment?
Or can you help me in anyway

Hallo, ich bin auf der Suche nach einer einzigen Wohnung und kein Glück mit den Internet-Seiten, weil ich ein Flüchtling bin, und niemand wird Zahlungen vom Jobcenter übernehmen
Hat jemand eine einzelne Wohnung haben?
Oder können Sie mir helfen in irgendeiner Weise
Vielen Dank

Hello Darkscm, we should know where in Germany you stay at this moment, otherwise nobody knows where you need an appartment. Looking for a small flat is even for Germans a stressfull matter, it took me nearly a year to find one. So be patient but don't give up. Good luck Jan
Hi jan thnx for replying.. Yes in living in Eggenfelden now.. The thing is im not looking in it.. Its small small town.. So im trying to find an apartment closer to big cities.. Eggenfelden is 2 hours by train to munich and to passau.. So it really doesn't matter to me where.. As long as im closer to big cities like Munich or frankfurt or Nürnberg or Darmstadt.. Etc.. I know its hard.. But from what i noticed is that its almost impossible to find a flat on my own in such places.. Since im a refugee... Landlords will naturally lean toward the German tenants... So that's why i need help..i don't even know the names of companies which can offer flats for us refugees for free.. In those areas.. Anyway.. Thnx again for replying.. Hope someone can help Regards
As Eggenfelden is a rather small country town, I'd try to join a local sports club or something like a church choir, etc. There you will get the necessary contacts.
generally speaking: in a lot of places in Germany, it is very difficult to find a flat, even if you are a German national with a good income. So please be patient an don't give up. Good luck!
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by Jan

Hello Darkscm,

you live near München, I think your problem can only be solved by private local help. So this program could help you: (via Google Translate).
Contact information:

Good luck, Jan