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Can any asylum seeker buy a flat or house? submitted by MoniLink in Home & Living


I have a question, it would be nice if any lawyer give the answer!

As an asylum seeker can anyone buy a flat or house here in Germany? Say for example: one of my friend has enough money in his country to bring it here. But after that, could he buy a flat or house in Germany? And by this way is it possible to bypass his asylum procedure?

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#Can any asylum seeker buy a flat or house?

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I doubt that any asylum seeker can buy a flat or house. Or only if he/she can also pay for his/her living. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure, the flat/house has to be sold again to pay for the costs of living, as would be the case for Germans to receive "Hartz IV". Refugees can't be better off than German nationals, I'd suggest. Recently, I read that anything more valuable than a few hundred Euros will be confiscated upon arrival in Germany for the above mentioned reasons. In cases, when money is present, I'd check conditions in other EU countries (Greece, Spain).
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by Henny (Admin)

Dear MoniLink,

I looked it up according to what my boyfriend told me (he is a student in law) and the answer is YES. Any asylum seeker can buy a flat or house in germany but it doesn't change his status. So if he would like to buy a house he must be legally allowed to stay in germany (Visa, or anything like that). And if he buys a house but then afterwards his asylum is refused, he has no right to stay even though he bought the house.
Here is a site in german (sorry, didn't find an english one) where it is explained.

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Herzlichen vielen Dank liebe Henriette
Hallo Moni, klar kann auch ein Nicht-Deutscher eine Wohnung kaufen. Das Problem ist, wie oben beschrieben, das Amt. Egal, ob Lageso, Sozialamt oder Jobcenter - bei allen musst du dein Kapitalvermögen angeben und je nach Länge der Förderung wird das Amt irgendwann daran wollen. Leider sind Flüchtlinge ja meist jahrelang beim Amt angedockt.
Da es sich tatsächlich nicht positiv auf das Asylverfahren auswirkt, würde ich dringend davon abraten.
LG Katharina
Dankeschön 👍 LG Moni
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by Jan

Hello MoniLInk,

an asylum seeker can of course buy a house. Why? Because it's, among other things, a human and a fundamental right. For details see German Wikipedia, catchword "Eigentum": (translation by Google translate). Fundamental rights are irrespective of one's financial situation. Asylum law in Germany is based on a fundamental right. So property can't take from my point of view any effect on the asylum procedure.

Regards, Jan

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Dankeschön Jan!