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I still didn't have my interview after 1 year - what to do? submitted by bastian in Asylum proceedings

Hello may name is Said mohamed i'm 17 yrs old. I stayed here in germany for one year especially bayern,betzenstein and not met with goverment,i mean i do not got an interview from the goverment so i want to get help, however how you can help me please

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Hello Said. Jan is right. As the administration or the government has big problems to care about all the persons who came to Germany, waiting for a year is unfortunatly normal, like most persons have to wait a year or 2. This Einzelfallberatung is a good idea, maybe he know better the possibilities in Bayern. Last chance is a "Unterlassungsklage" - means you accuse the government that it s not working fast enough. But this is a hard procedure with costs around 500€.
I wish you a lot of energy during waiting. I know thats its a hard situation. Good luck, Katharina
Ok Kath thnks but of have that how i do contact with that procedure which you told
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by Jan

Hello Mohamed,

ask a member of 'Flüchtlingsrat Bayern' for help. Contact a person with the tag 'Einzelfallberatung:

But please consider that German administration has serious problems to cope with the great number of applicants at this time.

Good luck, Jan

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