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I've been living in an Asylheim for years and I'm feeling sick - are there organisations that can help me? submitted by Immaz in Home & Living

I Have been living in Asyl Heim in Bayern for so many years , this has made me sick.
Despite my Doctor letters , i cannot live somewhere else.
Does someone know any organisation, or someone that can help?

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Hallo Immaz, welcome to wefugee, I hope we can help you. But first we need to know a little bit more: For how long are you living in this Asyl Heim now? How far are you with your registration in Germany? What kind of illness are you talking about?
Conny (Admin)
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by Immaz

Hallo Conny!
Thanks a lot that you wrote back to me.

I finshed with regestration many years ago, unfortunatly i have a Duldung.
I have been living in Asyl Heim for 11 years now.
This has a toll with my psychological health.


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Your psychological health is surely a critical issue to talk about in public, a specialist living in your area should deal with this. Where in Bavaria do you stay?
I live in Franken, what kind of specialist do you mean exactly?
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by Aluta

Hie i live in bayern Landshut and have registered in most accommodation agents and of course wohnungsamt it's been three years now and im really tired now and of course I also try online but the biggest problem is some places i get i don't know if it's within bayern or not cause lm only allowed to stay in bayern so i need help with that and secondly I'm scared because some places are not foreign friendly and i have a young child if you can give a map or list of towns and villages within bayern and a list too of the most refugee friendly to the least.Thank you in advance

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Hello @Aluta - thank you for asking your question here on Wefugees. We try our best to keep the structure of this platform clear and easy to follow. Since your question is not really related to the topic of this thread I would suggest that you ask it again by opening a new one (just click on the "Ask a Question" button). Best regards, Thorgen :)
Thor (Wefugees)