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Money transfer to syria or turkey western union submitted by Darkscm in Money

Its me again lol
I was wondering since im getting my money still fron the job center.. Is it possible for me to send money as transfer through Western union each month to my family? To Turkey or syria? And uf uts possible is there a limit?
Also i still have money from when u arrived to germany.. Like 800 euros.. Us it possible to send them also? Ir will it be a problem?

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by Jan


transfer conditions of Western Union money transfer to Turkey you can find here:
Maximal online transfer is 5000.00 EUR. For further information see

Transfer conditons for Syria are explained here
To me they seem the same as mentioned above for Turkey.
Start transfer at

Regards, Jan

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All links are dead
Thank you very much for this information. Links don't live forever, they worked at the moment they were given. This inconvenience is one of the well-known annoyances for the common user. Are URL updates needed?
I just did some research on the webpage of WU: currently it is not possible to send money from Germany to Syria online. But it seems to be possible to send it to Turkey. You can send up to 1000 Euro over a period of 12 months without any further requirements. If you want to send more, you need to prove your identity (see this german page: ). The same goes for an amount of money that is more than 1000 Euros. Then you need to prove your identity in advance. The limit in this case is 5000 Euros.
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