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How to date refugee females? submitted by Dave in Home & Living

Some german friends of me really have problems to find a proper women here. This ends in depression and i don't want to see that anymore. I think there is a lack of women, since a lot of nice women move away after university to big western cities due to business opportunities or are already married. So, how to find good looking unmarried women in the age of 28 - 40 ?

Location: Ilmenau, Thuringia

If you want to date a man you can also send me a direct contact:
All the friends i think of have a good job, a car, are not ugly or with strong overweight. Most of them are in the age of 35 - 40 and also willing to drive to the nearby cities like Arnstadt, Erfurt, Suhl, e.g.

I think online dating platforms are inefficient since they have a lot of fake women.

Is there a refugee dating platform?

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by juanarguello

Hi Dave, I found this webpage online, maybe it is helpfull for you:

Let me know how it goes out of pure interest... If you find someone? or if you already have?

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I never found any dating site is useful. They're only asking for bank card or credit cards information. We can tell them money-making site, not dating site. I never found someone who got partner from any dating site...
Moni, I am in complete agreement with you. By the way, what about integration? Why do we need another special platform for refugees?