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information submitted by Ramez in Home & Living

I live in the house with other people and we are 16 person in the same house
and we have 1 bathroom and toilet
my qustion
can i request from stadt move me to house only for me and my family beacause we are 7 person...?? Is that legal?? Or I will wait for interview..??
Pls situation in my house too bad

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i am also having same sort of problem here we live more than 30 and share only 2 bathroom. it is terrific ! but all we have to do id to wait unlit our interview complete than we can ask for private house or flat for alone or family. otherwise there is no other way at this moment.
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by Jan

Hello Ramez,

at first: Allthought your situation may be unbearable, It's legal. As far as I know there are no standards or laws in Germany, that contradict to that. Please consider there is an extreme housing shortage in some regions of Germany, it existed even before reufgees come to us, so it's probably hard for administratiors to find an alternative housing for you.
I would advise you to wait 'till your interview took place. In my point of view after that you may be in a better postition to ask the proper town administraiion to improve your housing situation.

Regards, Jan

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by Janette

16 people is a lot. I hope your interview goes well and you can move to your own place soon. Until then you can take action and talk to your housemates. If everyone cleans after himself and considers the need of his neighbor, it might get better. I always talked to my flatmates about these things and it really helped that everyone felt responsible for the housing situation. Good luck for you and your family.

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i also tried to talk with my neighbor but because of mix ethic i failed. everyone has their own opinion and simply resused me. they are just enjoying germany rather than thinking of living environment.