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How can I change my interview date to make it earlier submitted by Abo qusai in Legal advice

Now we live in nordhausen but we have a lot of german friends at another city
How can we make it faster so we can com back to our city

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by Beatriz

Hello Abo, usually, when you are registered first in a certain city (Nordhausen in this case), it is all about waiting until the asylum proceedings are finished, including the interview. During that time, you can only move around the area, where you have been registered = the city, town, county.

When you receive your 'ID' that is a green card with your photo, name and the address of your actual location inside it says how long it is valid and on the back it tells if you have any restrictions in moving. According to those restrictions, you will be able to know if it's possible for you to move somewhere else or not. Check those out.

In any case: German bureaucracy is very strict: it takes ages to proceed your papers, but it requires you to immediately react.

And always, always feel free to ask the people around you :)

Hope it helps

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