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To marry submitted by Baraa in Home & Living

I am a refugee and i will get marry with a American girl ,and I am with the job center can i make a papers as well and get marry with her ,because I heard that I can not .I should be out of the job center then I can marry with her .that because of taxation, so I don't know if someone have any information I will be so glad to hear it and thanks

where does she live?
She live in America but she is here in Berlin now to study
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by Bobby

There are professionals who help people who want to marry from two countries.
They have a office in Oranienstraße in Berlin-Kreuberg. Call them and ask for an appointment.

Geschäfts- und Beratungsstelle Berlin
Mo, Do 10-14 Uhr (Mo
Di, Mi 14-19 Uhr
Beratungstermine nach telefonischer Vereinbarung

Oranienstraße 34, HH 4. Stock
10999 Berlin
Tel: 030 / 6 15 34 99
Fax: 030 / 6 15 92 67


I m not sure if I understood your question: The job center doesnt allow you to marry? That seems strange to me. But if you are married with a person with a job in Germany you have to expect that you are not getting money from the job center anymore (depends on the income).

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Yes am talking about the job center won't give me anything and that it's a problem for me I want to study Ausbildung am planing to do that so I don't know
When you study you will have problems with the job center too. They dont give students money anyway. Because it is just for people who are looking for a job. Some people were able to manage to get money from the job center for the last month of university but in generell it is not possible. For an Ausbildung there is a system where you can ask for support when your income (Ausbildungsvergütung: salery while you are in Ausbildung) is not enough... but also in this system they will look after the income of your wife.