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The Wefugees Question and Answer Community is a "Refugee and Refugee Relief Community". We want to give refugees and volunteers the opportunity to ask any questions related tot he current situation. Questions can be answered by community members and Wefugees staff. Answers can then be voted on by other members.

How do I post a question?

Once you have logged in using your user details (and accepted the Terms & Conditions) you will be able to type the title of your question into search box on top of the page and click 'Ask a question'. In the next step you will be able to describe your question and its circumstances with more detail, add tags and maybe upload acouple of pictures if you want. Make sure you selected a category that fits your questions and click submit. Done.

What kind of questions can I ask?

We welcome any question regarding refugee relief: Guidance, services, offers, ideas, etc. What ever pops up in your mind. Questions with no direct context to refugee relief or which do not obey the Terms & Conditions will be deleted. Please only submit questions with a solution-oriented approach. If you need further help, please contact our Service Hotline.

What happens to my questions after I submitted them?

After you have submitted a question it will be displayed publicly. Your question can now be answered and commented on by all other registered members. As the author, only you have the right to decide whether an answer provides the correct solution. Mark it as such and it will be displayed directly beneath your question. This process helps other Users with similar questions to find the right answer.

How does the vote function work regarding answers?

You can cast one vote per answer, by simply giving „Thumbs Up“ or „Thumbs Down“. Positive votes give the answer a score of +1 while negatives receive a -1. The more positive votes an answer receives, the further up in the rankings it will move.

Is every question commented on by Wefugees staff?

We would love to give feedback on every single question, but due to the sheer volume of questions submitted it is simply impossible. We will give it our best,though!

What are the filters for?

Recent Questions: Questions are sorted by time posted. Most recent questions will be displayed first.
Hot: Questions are sorted by the number of comments the have received. Questions with the most comments will be displayed on top. 
Recent Posts: Questions are sorted by most recent activity.

Can I edit or delete my questions after I've submitted them?

You can edit but not delete your question at any given time.

How many points am I rewarded for each activity?

For submitting an answer or receiving a 'Thumb Ups' on your answer, we will reward you 5 points. Voting on an answer will earn you 1 point. If your answer is marked as a solution you will get 10 points. For a new comment you will earn 1 point.