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This statement describes rules for users of the Wefugees website located at who post questions, comments, upload material or provide any content to the site. These rules also govern use of Wefugees channels on social media services (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Wefugees expects from its Community members that they observe the following rules:
  1. Do not be abusive towards others
    Wefugees encourages open questions and discussions. However, all communications should be civil and respectful. Differences of thoughts are okay; personal attacks are not. Besides, the button “Report” made available to help, should not be used to censor views or to molest other users.
  2. Keep it civil and respectful
    1. Content posted to the sites that are impolite, violent, threatening, sexist, abusive, obscene, offensive, hateful, defamatory, or are racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable, will not be acknowledged. Such comments may result in the termination of the user’s use of the Community.
    2. Comments regarding the way the platform is to be should be made in a respectful and friendly way.
    3. Remember: all questions and answers that do not offend this etiquette are welcome and everyone should be treated in a friendly and warm manner due to the sensitive topics Wefugees deals with.
  3. Stay on topic
    Comments and contributions to the sites should be constructive and relevant to the topic being discussed. Every question should be posted under the right category, and users should be as specific as possible when choosing it. Members should check if their question has already been asked and answered by someone else before posting it. Wefugees may remove off-topic and misleading posts or those that do not provide substantive relevance.
  4. Make it work
    1. Show your support towards other members by voting on answers and marking correct solutions.
    2. Do not intimidate users by over-criticizing their answers. Feel free to add or correct answers in a friendly way. You may only criticize answers if their content is advertisement or off topic.
    3. Remember: no one should be afraid to answer any question. Every answer, that is not offending this etiquette, is welcome!
  5. Keep it legal
    Participating in or suggesting any illegal activity is cause for immediate removal and termination of a user’s use of the Community.
  6. Do not upload or post inappropriate content
    If a user uploads or posts inappropriate or shocking content to the Sites, such user may be forbidden from the Community.
  7. Do not spam
    Posting the same content to one or many conversations is considered spam.
  8. Do not solicitate
    Wefugees may remove posts containing unsolicited personal or commercial solicitations or advertising from any of the sites it controls.
  9. Observe copyright and trademark law
    Posting copyrighted material beyond what is protected as fair use is forbidden.
  10. Do not impersonate
    The registration of multiple accounts in the Community with the intent to disrupt the discussions or to harass other users is prohibited. It is not allowed to register accounts with disposable emails. This type of behavior may result in all user names being prohibited from the Community.
  11. Protect your privacy and the one of others
    Do not post personal or any other information that you do not want made public. Wefugees may remove any reference to the identity or location of a user.

Wefugees staff reserve the right to edit or entirely remove inappropriate posts which do not meet the above listed rules from any of the sites it controls.