I came to Stuttgart in January 2024 on a Family Reunification Visa but my husband abuses me by locking me in the house, takes the keys with himself all time even thou he is at home, the keys are in his pocket. He doesnt let me go out, and doesnt come by himself with me. He only gets the groceries what he likes and I am forced to clean and cook because I am living with him. And if i deny the work, he threatens me to go back to my country India.

I would like to stay apart from him and his mental torture. I would like to stay here and work. I have a Master's degree in Pharmacy but it is getting difficult to get a job because my german language skills are A2.

I wanted to know if i can seek for asylum and also seek for small jobs, enough to support my living anywhere in the part of Germany.
I would like to change my visa status too and not be dependent on my husband.
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Hi @Daisy

I’m sorry to read of your situation but wish to assure you that there are people that can help you. You can get this help regardless of your residency status or whether you know the German language or not.

For women who have experienced domestic violence (including of an emotional nature), there are safe places where they can stay. This is called a ‘Frauenhaus’. The address is secret so your husband will not be able to find out if you are there.

If you wish to take this step, these are the contact details of the women’s shelter in Stuttgart. You have to first call them:


And here is more about how it works and the help on offer there:


They will have someone there who speaks English or otherwise be able to organise a translator. The staff there will also assist you in getting financial assistance. You will be entitled to support from the Jobcenter.

If you request assistance from the Jobcenter, you will get some money from them but the Jobcenter will inform the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde) of this. You are anyway obliged to inform the Ausländerbehörde once you are no longer living with your husband.

You may be entitled to a residence permit independent of your husband. Usually, this is only possible if you have been living together for at least three years in Germany. However, there are exceptions to this three years rule for people who have experience domestic violence. If you wish to apply for this, you will have to give a detailed account of the situation with your husband. The staff at the women’s shelter can assist you with this.

This article (in English via online translation) gives some more information on this possibility:


Alternatively, you can try to get a residence permit for work. The requirements for this are that it is a qualified position and you earn enough to support yourself.

If you wish to work as a pharmacist here, you must have your qualifications recognised. This is done by each of the federal states.  In  Baden-Württemberg it is done by this office:


This site has useful information on the recognition process:


For any costs associated with having your qualification recognised, you can get help from the Jobcenter or Agentur für Arbeit.

This organisation in Stuttgart helps with the recognition process:


There may be other job opportunities open to you there with that qualification and as you speak English. While pharmacy is a regulated profession (meaning you cannot work as a pharmacist without the recognition), there are other jobs in the field of chemistry where this is not necessary. There are many international companies in the Stuttgart area where your skills may be needed.

If you intend to make an asylum application, I recommend you first make contact with this group in Stuttgart. They can provide advice on the process and also information about your home country that can be relevant to your application:


Do not hesitate to write again with further questions.



answered Jun 4 by mbeon-Éanna
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