I applied for resident permit in regard to my german child though i was rejected twice by ausländerbehörde, my lawyer has appealed it to court of recent . I am working for a year now, i will like to know if ausländerbehörde will take away my working permit since  i refuse to go back to my homeland just to stress me  before court hearing ? Or they won't  take it before court hearing ? Please anyone with previous experience should reply me or those in charge here ..I need response guys thanks
asked Jun 4 in Legal advice by felise
Good morning, To answer your questions directly, I’m not new in Germany,Yes I have a German child ( son ) and I have already been issued with Paragraph 28 Aufenthalt by the Ausländeramt. I can make a picture and blur certain informations about me and show it to you .
   The only problem I see with you is that you try to compare your situations with other people and unless and until you stop this behaviour or pattern Then you mindset will function and fine tune to find solutions to your residence permit issues.
@felise, take it easy bro.. @jude45, was very real... @felise, listen... any money ur woman takes about the kids money, mind u is not ur money nor family money is for the kids(kindergeld) and normally most family save kindergeld till the kids are 18yrs so that they can start up their life in future e.g drivers licence registration etc.. and Jobcenter dont calculate kindergeld as part of the money ur woman recieves that will make jobcenter not to pay her.... if ur wife once worked b4 then, she will be recieving arbeit loose geld now and if she never work b4 then, jobcenter must be giving her something.. well, ur woman city is good for putting working permit inside ur duldung... in bayern here bro, Auslanderbeholden only approve working permit after submitting working contract bcos u have duldung.. one more thing bro, just pray to God bcos since ur woman already hv other kids with another man b4 u then, the government will be very strict b4 answering u..... ur only way to beat all this is when u go for reunion visa. And if ur woman is not working or never worked here b4 then, u have no reason to tell the court of not going back.. try and contact Auslanderbeholden and tell them u will like to do ur verification and see their reaction...
You’re simply not smart and has been constantly inconsistent with your statements.
  However it will be an exercise  in futility to engage in arguments with you since your thoughts are based on sentiments and not on Fact .
   You have always concentrated on the laws that should favour your Stay and arbeitalubnis  but has not taken any steps to see the laws guiding the residence or working permit status which you have violated or has persistently failed to comply with as regards the verification of your identity.
 I only gave you my opinion because I went through almost similar procedure . I never forced my opinion on you.

God bless you and this is my last reply to you.
@Jude45 you talk about law guiding the residence by verification of my identity, which i have violated , if my document has to be verified, why ausländerbehörde didn't tell me to verify it? Anyway my question is for the admin of this platform ... God bless u too
@Jude45 maybe they grant u stay base on ur german child easily without stress by going back to ur homeland and come back with visa that is why u think u know everything. Anyway i am sticking to what my lawyer is doing for me.... like i said, i don't really care so much about the resident permit, my concern is my working permit , u get it ? If u don't get it, forget about it

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Dear @felise, I agree with Meike. As long as identity is clear, the immigration office has no reason to take away your work permit. If they want to take it away, you can go against this decision.

And as for the appeal in court about the residence permit: I cannot predict the future, but I think your chance is not that bad to win. A german child creates a legal claim of the mother for a residence permit, that's why I think you can argue it is not possible to go back to your home country. But you can dicuss this with your lawyer in detail.

I wish you all the best.

Kind Regards


answered Jun 7 by mbeon-Ruth
@mbeon-Ruth thanks very much ..
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Dear @felise,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again.

I would agree with @Jude45 in the asessment that it is hardly possible to predict decisions of individual public officials in the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde) as they can vary considerably (especially across the different federal states). I think you should address this important question to your lawyer in the first place to get reliable information. From my experience, the immigration office is revoking a working permit often if the identity of a person is not clarified. However, I never learned about a case where a person was not allowed to work anymore since he/she is not travelling to the country of origin to obtain a visa.

Can you add more information here, dear @mbeon-fardeen or @mbeon-Ruth?

All the best,


answered Jun 5 by Meike
@Meike thanks , am waiting for your colleagues reply , but i want to know if its possible to win ausländerbehörde in court in regard to my situation?
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