To whom it may concern,

      Im Frau roseline Ochieze a German citizen of Nigerian origin living in Geldern under Kleve administrative region of the the state of North Rhine westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen) of German state. 

  I and my husband Mr.Jideofor Theodore Ochieze a Nigerian by Nationality an asylum seeker living in Rauenberg of Baden-Württemberg state applied for marriage under the German law at marriage Registry office of Rauenberg Heidelberg district regional office of the state of Baden-Württemberg of German state. Provided  all relevant requested documents to the City/state and It underwent  verification processes here in Germany in accordance to the German law and also documents was sent to German embassy in Nigeria Lagos state the German embassy in Lagos carried out investigation visiting my husband families homes and also schools he attended. which was return after confirming that the documents provided by my husband was in order and sent again to the Karlsruhe regional court.All demanded fees were paid.

On the 21st day of June 2021 we got married at Rauenberg City and our marriage certificate was issued. 


My husband applied on the 8th July 2021 at immigration department of Heidelberg for his relocation so has to enable us living together here in Geldern and also contacted the immigration of Kleve regional office and was told that we need to register at the Geldern city council office after which we could now book an appointment at immigration office Kleve. We booked and was registered at the City Council office in Geldern 15th of July 2021 and had an appointment with the immigration office of Kleve on 12th of August 2021, but I and my husband was return back that my husband asylum was still open and that we needed to contact the immigration office Heidelberg before we could have an appointment again. We informed the Heidelberg immigration office and on the 11th of October 2021 the file was sent to Kleve immigration office and 7th of November the Kleve immigration department refused both of us living together here Geldern and file was sent again back to Heidelberg immigration department and saying he needed to return to Nigeria and make a visa application at the German embassy in Nigeria. 

      My husband is a documented immigrant with a crime free record and shouldn't be separated from me and also he have been working for over four years but for months he had be denied right to work making it difficult for me alone to pay our bills; house rent, car insurance, feeding etc. I had miscarriage because of the stress also have health problems diabetes and high blood pressure which makes it difficult if he is away from me. My heart is in pain... Why should I be separated from my husband??? A question I'm still yet receiving answer I want my husband together here in Geldern with me and not sending him to Nigeria.

     Please this is an urgent cry for help!!! I want my husband around me... Save our marriage from administrative bullies.... 

Attached with my letter is copy of:

* Our marriage certificate.

* German Passport copy.

* Certificate of citizenship.

* Certify documentions from German embassy.       in  Nigeria.

* Copy of my husband permit before our.                  marriage.
asked Nov 20, 2021 in Legal advice by Gianteagle17

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2 Answers

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Hi, I just want to give my opinion on this matter.
1. If your husband gave his passport to authorities,live 9 months or more in Germany and his asylum case is still existing and they stop him from working that is unlawfull. The law is straight clear
2. Whatever decision made by immigration office in this matter has to be in writing. This includes the reasons why they refused to let you people live together after your wedding. The moment you have in writing then you can take them straight to court cos their trying to break up a family in this case and a law is straight clear in this matter.
3.I assume your husband is using asyl ID either six months or 3 months whatever it's. This means is still live legal in this country. Therefore don't withdraw his asylum case.
4. If you don't have written statements from authorities explaining why they refused to let your husband to join you. Demands that as soon as possible. That will help you or back up your legal team if you will decide to have one.
5. If you don't have written statement from authorities and you don't feel like asking for it you can try yourself to file a complaints to the higher immigration office on your region.  This has be inform of letter,you have be straight and open about you situation. It may take couple of weeks before you see a transfer is happening. But the good thing of this way is free and you can do this with help of friends , family members etc.
7. Don't stress to much cos as long your husband asyl case is still existing. No one can touch him neither mess around with you. If you feel uncomfortable with all situations take a lawyer straight away. This kind of case when is in court it take time.
I wish you all the best.
answered Nov 22, 2021 by Cockington
Thanks alot for your timely response... I have contacted the immigration office in kleve but they said it is a confidential information they're not allowed to inform me of any reasons... I also contacted caritas and they called and was also told same and yesterday this letter was sent to our lawyer from my husband local immigration office Heidelberg:

Gesendet: Donnerstag, 18. November 2021 15:29

Sehr geehrte Frau ,

ich kann Sie telefonisch nicht erreichen. Der Umverteilungsantrag wurde wie bereits erwähnt von der

Kreisverwaltung Kleve abgelehnt. Bezgl. der Ablehnung wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an die Kreisverwaltung Kleve.

Bezgl. der Bearbeitung des AE-Antrages werde ich die Akte meinem Kollege Herr... weiterleiten, da er für die

Bearbeitung d. AE-Anträge zuständig ist

Nach Rücksprache mit dem Regierungspräsidium ist Ihrem Mandant die unselbständige Beschäftigungserlaubnis

gestattet. Wir bitten deshalb die Duldung postalisch oder über das Bürgermeisteramt Rauenberg zeitnah


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

We discussed with the immigration office Heidelberg and the officer I spoke with said she doesn't understand what really going on in kleve immigration department for refusing our staying together. Now it makes it difficult us going to court; I will appreciate if you could let us know the higher immigration office for North Rhine westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen) of German state. I consider it a case of race discrimination.
It seems to me like there is an offer on a table. But you have to be very careful with your choice. I will tell you why. Perhaps this will help others to understand this game.
1.Your husband has offer to go and meet authorities in his district right. In order to get a deportation ban after that a work permit  will follow in the same landkreis.
Now watch this,don't accept this kind of deal. Because its means he will have to stay in that landkreis longer and work. That its not what you want.
Your demands is family reunion here if am correct.
2. I am not familiar with duldung. But I will suggest speak with your legal team  and see what is there opinion.
3. What's difficult to go to verwertunggericht? This is not criminal case is a civil matter why not!!!.
4. Myself I don't see any reason up to now why your lawyer did not file a  case regarding family reunion.
5. Data protection is so important. Try not to put people names in here. Because of this that Authorities refused to gave you any information regarding your husband. Instead they sent to your lawyer.
6. The other thing  keep in mind the authorities(landrasamt)have the same code no snitching between themselves( no friends fire). Don't trust everything what they say because is oral. But if is written they can be hold accountable.
 All the best
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@Gianteagle17, in your situation I would suggest that you consult an immigration lawyer or caritas for more help. How long the the verification process take in Nigeria?
answered Nov 23, 2021 by Jesa
Thanks for your response... it took about 9-10 months for verification process in Nigeria
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