the ausbildungduldung is a trap. The law is extremely complex. they only say that, if someone has an ausbildung they can get training tolerance in the rule of 3+2, this is a lie, this is not true at all. they also say that you must have a duldung for at least three months with cleared identity !!

GUYS, THEY WILL NOT LET YOU HAVE A DULDUNG AFTER YOU CLEAR YOU IDENTITY; they will DEPORT YOU FIRST;; you won't stay in Germany and posses a duldung for three months,,, wake up,,, and they keep asking your original passport copy, they give you false hope,,, GIVE YOUR PASSPORT; WE GIVE YOU AUSBILDUNGDULDUNG ;;;;;; this law was created to deport people, not to met the demand of so called lie shortage of workers..

the rules are so complex that the young refugees just worn out, frustrated, this is just hopless and pathetic,


Better, seek opportunity somewhere.
asked Aug 28, 2021 in Education by helios | 1,222 views

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By law landrasamt their not aloud to ask asylum  seekers to bring passport as long the person is not rejected by court or the case is in court. But majority of landrasamt do this unlawful.
I am a victims of 3+2 law. I did finished my   ausbildung 2018. After that landrasamt refused to give me 2yrs resident. The reasons was to submit my passport,I dont speaks deutsch,thirdly I am not integrated  in society. What a joke? Who did exams for me? I am 40 hours every week at work with Germans for 3 good years how am not be integrated in society.
I took them to court in November 2018 while sitting in camp jobless for 10 months. 2019 in October the court in Munich ordered them to give me a work permit while waiting for a court appointment date. But in January 2021 a court closed a case after asking me if I will like to do so. All demands from landrasamt was unlawful.
I am with 6 months identity till now.
I wonder how other people get 2yrs resident
answered Sep 2, 2021 by Cockington
What was your Ausbildungduldung profession, if I may ask. How they question about your German skills while someone have to attend berufschule and pass all the exams in German language ??!!
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Hello Helios, may ask why you say so?
I am currently on this 3+2  law and I am with the Visa on my passport valid for 3 year, my Ausbildung is finishing next year and I have been using it since 2020 ...
My friend who had his finished Ausbildung in November last year, got a job in his Ausbildung field
and was granted 2 year residence permit here in Germany... so what are you saying?
Please what is your situation?
answered Aug 28, 2021 by MIKE 130
I have submitted the ausbildungvertrag + IHK anmeldung its been about three months. There was no response from the ABH. Now after telephone several times from my firma, the ABH issue me an appointment. On the day of appointment they took a signature in a paper called 'Niederschrift', mentioning that I am obliged to submit my passport, I must leave Germany voluntarily, they have the right to take me to deportation camp, they may reduce the sozial money, etc, bla bla threat. and I must submit my passport original copy, or a substitute copy from the embassy, They handover a list of lawyers of my country from where I can get my birth certificates, and also the next appointment of submission.

there was not talking of my permission of Ausbildung. Once i asked, that guys I am here to get my Ausbildungduldung, he answered,,, First bring your passport. from the **** of Niederschrift and whats written in there, I am 100% sure they have no intention of giving me permission of an Ausbildung which is top class, top class firma and salary is about 1020€ netto in the first year. Their only intention is to deportation. they just do not care.

I have beschluss 4-5 rules from VG Münster, Sachsen, Holstein etc Verwaltunggericht and also from Oberverwaltunggericht, all the cases 3+2 ausbildung was rejected. Die antrag wird abgelehnt. this is all i can see everywhere.

One of the reason is , the candidate must have duldung for at least three months after clearing their identity ... !!!  (this was only possible for Syrians during 2015), and now Afghanistan, because, once you give them your passport, you are done, Tschuss !!!! there will be no duldung anymore.

So, I am frustrated and sad. That after application of 519 ausbildung, 18 interview, I got this place, and now they are trying to deport me, this is just not right. This is wrong. I have German B1 certificate, the firma agrees to pay for till my German C1 certificate. I have my own desk, with 2 huge display and a nice laptop to learn computer programming, all this is for what ???

I am frustrated. If you know any lawyer, kindly let me know. I want to do the last try.
Good news. I got the Ausbildungsduldung.
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Dear @helios,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us!

I am sorry to hear that you are going through difficult times and you are facing difficulties at the immigration office.

However, I would agree with @Strongjunior: I am aware of many cases in which the "Ausbildungsduldung" is a great opportunity for rejected asylum seekers etc.

Unfortunately, the clarification of the identity is a very important issue for the application. As you mentioned as well, the submission of the national passport always comes with a certain risk as well. Nevertheless, I am afraid that you definitely have to cooperate in this and have to prove your efforts at least. The website of "Netzwerk Berlin hilft" is explaining the process in detail. As this can get quite difficult and complex, I would highly recommend you to contact a good/experienced counselling office to support you as soon as possible. Maybe they can also refer you to a well qualified lawyer, if necessary. It would be a pity if you would lose your great chance to work for that company.

I cross my fingers and please let us know if you need help in finding supporting services in your area.

All the best,


answered Aug 29, 2021 by Meike
Hi Meike. Thanks for your time to comment. What are those counselling offices ? Can you recommend any from the state of NRW, around Bonn, Köln, Düsseldorf, or any other big cities ? What about you ? @Strongjunior
Where are you from?
Southern region of Stadt NRW
Good news. I got the Ausbildungsduldung. Thanks for the support.
Congratulations dear
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