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I have submitted Ausbildungvertrag 4-months before. Now after 4 months AB give me Duldung and today giving him one month time to submit my passport.
Took my sign in a paper called NIEDERSCHRIFT, which mention I'm obliged to give them passport in 30 days, they issue me a appointment. He was only interested in my passport, no question about the Ausbildung. It's a very very good state recognized ausbildung paying good salary. I'm already doing Praktikum. The company can't pay me anything unless there is an official permission from the AB. The office CEO have desparately contacted the AB, pushed them to issue the permit. No result.

The rules of Ausbildungduldung is full of obstacles, 3 month Duldung after identity clear. Well, there is no Duldung once someone clear identity, they deport the person right away. No wonder people doesn't voluntarily clear identity. It's a chicken fox game in the AB. The rules are so complex.

They say that, with an Ausbildung tolerance can be done. But the path is so complicated, that the lawyer a refugee can afford, doesn't have time to go through them. They just request AB for permission, that's it.

I'm scared to death. I don't trust the AB.
I'm afraid, once I give them my passport, they will not give me Ausbildungduldung, they are gonna deport me.
What can I do now ?? Please help. Anybody success to get a Ausbildungduldung at 2021 ???

Germany says 400k skilled labor shortage, my company couldn't find enough computer programmer this year. He needed 16, he got 7. Now in contrast AB is trying to deport future programmer,. What is this Paradox ???
asked Aug 25 in Legal advice by helios

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Dear @helios,

Please see my answer on your other recently opened thread.

A "Niederschrift" in general is something like a written protocol of an oral statement, of certain procedures, of an interview etc.

All the best,


answered Aug 29 by Meike
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