Hello Sir/Madam.

I have fingerprints on May 11 and I paid 100 euros,  the Ausländerbehörde have given me back my Passport,  Birth certificate and other papers they took from me in the past years. .. The girl told me that I will have 1 year resident permit 25.2abs for integration reason's.  Once again I want to thank you all for some knowledge been shared here. .. I hope I can travel with my resident to my home country without problems.  I'm working full time and I have a family also that have resident permit.  

She also told me to bring B1 when I have to renew it next year and she also said my resident permit  card will be out in 4 to 6 weeks.
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Hi bro by the way congrats to your recent Aufenthaltserlaubnis I want to ask if you got the residence permit through your child or through asylum procedure
@Yusuf, HE said through integration..
Integration should be 25b...not 25.2abs.@gago...are you upto 8 years in Germany?

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I arrived Germany November 25th 2013, and had my asylum proceedings December 19tj 2013. I haveb2 kids and my family was granted Asylum 2017 April but I was giving negative.  I appealed my negative and in 2019 I got my apeal hearing negative.  .

 My lawyer told me not to make further apeal, January 2020 I got my first Duldung for 6 months, and.i renewed it, then later at September 2020 the Ausländerbehörde gave me a paper to bring all the required paper for Aufenthaltstitel for integration reasons.

I quickly wrote the B1 course but I was giving A2, and then I wrote Leben in Deutschland and I got 31/33 point.  So I sent all the paper to Ausländerbehörde and then after 2 days I got a termin for my fingerprints and sicherheit fragen.  .. I'm 8 years in Germany,  and I work full time .
answered May 30, 2021 by Gago
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Dear @Gago,

congratulations for your residence permit! I am happy to hear that everything worked out at the end. 

I agree with @omoskool11: The residence permit according to section 25 (2) is a humanitarian residence permit. 

Probably the immigration office issued a residence permit according to section 25b of the German Residence Act which states:


Section 25b
Granting residence in the case of permanent integration

(1) In derogation from section 5 (1) no. 1 and (2), a foreigner whose deportation has been suspended is as a rule to be granted a temporary residence permit if the foreigner has become permanently integrated into the way of life in the Federal Republic of Germany. As a rule, this is subject to the condition that the foreigner

1.  has resided in the federal territory for at least eight years or, if the foreigner is living with a minor, unmarried child as a family unit, for at least six years without interruption because his or her deportation having been suspended, on the basis of permission to remain pending the asylum decision or by holding a temporary residence or permanent settlement permit,

2.  is committed to the free democratic basic order of the Federal Republic of Germany and possesses a basic knowledge of the legal and social system and the way of life which prevails in the federal territory,

3.  ensures his or her subsistence primarily by pursuing an economic activity or it is to be expected, when considering the foreigner’s previous educational, training, income and family situation, that the foreigner will be able to ensure his or her subsistence within the meaning of section 2 (3); receiving housing benefits is not detrimental thereto,

4.  possesses an elementary oral command of the German language equivalent to Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and

5.  can furnish proof that his or her school-age children are actually attending school.

Temporarily receiving social benefits is not generally detrimental to securing subsistence in the case of

1.  students attending a state or state-recognised higher education institution and apprentices undergoing training in a recognised trade or in a government-sponsored pre-vocational training measure,

2.  families with minor children who temporarily rely on supplementary social benefits,

3.  single parents of minor children who, pursuant to section 10 (1) no. 3 of Book Two of the Social Code, cannot reasonably be expected to take up employment or

4.  foreigners caring for close relatives in need of long-term care.

(2) A temporary residence permit pursuant to subsection (1) is to be denied where

1.  the foreigner prevents or delays the termination of his or her residence by intentionally providing false information, by deceit regarding his or her identity or nationality, or non-compliance with reasonable requirements to cooperate in eliminating any obstacles to the departure or

2.  there is a public interest in expelling the foreigner within the meaning of section 54 (1) or (2) nos.1 and 2.

(3) The conditions of subsection (1) sentence 2, nos. 3 and 4 are waived if the foreigner is unable to fulfil them due to a physical or mental illness or disability or old age.

(4) As a general rule, a spouse, civil partner and minor, unmarried children living with the beneficiary referred to in subsection (1) as a family unit are to be granted a temporary residence permit under the conditions set out in subsection (1) sentence 2 nos. 2 to 5. Subsections (2), (3) and 5 apply. Section 31 applies accordingly.

(5) In derogation from section 26 (1) sentence 1, the temporary residence permit is to be granted and extended for no more than two years. It may be granted in derogation from section 10 (3) sentence 2. Section 25a remains unaffected.

(6) As a general rule, a foreigner, his or her spouse or civil partner and minor, unmarried children living with the foreigner as a family unit who have held a card documenting suspended deportation under section 60d for 30 months, are to be granted a temporary residence permit in accordance with subsection (1) in derogation from the time limit referred to in subsection (1) sentence 2 no. 1, if the requirements of section 60d are met and the foreigner has an elementary oral command of the German language; if the foreigner had the possibility to attend an integration course, the temporary residence permit is granted on the further condition that the foreigner, the spouse or civil partner also have an elementary written command of the German language


All the best for you,


answered May 31, 2021 by Meike
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