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My case got rejected from Administrative court few days ago, and recently I was also diagnosed with severe arthritis disease through blood test. This hit me like lightning struck. It was diagnosed, because for several years i was suffering from frequent joint specially in the hand and in the knees. In this situation, if i go back home, i can see myself dying without treatment or medication. I do not have any health insurance or even in my country treatment is extremely expensive, completely out of control. I do not have anyone to take care of me at home. I am single.

If i can stay in Germany, i will get at least better treatment, and somehow get by with life. How do i approach.
asked Mar 13 in Legal advice by helios

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Dear @helios

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and sorry for the late reply. 

I am also very sorry to hear about your diagnosis and the negative outcome at the court. I think it will be very important now to collect high quality medical reports and to submit them to the immigration office. Did a lawyer support you in your appeal in court? Did you inform him/her about your health situation? I am afraid that you need to prove now as detailed and specific as possible that you would face serious difficulties in terms of the medical treatment and care in your country of origin. 

I will link our dear expert @alla_fka here. Maybe she can give any advice on your next steps. 

However, please always feel free to reach out to us again. 

All the best for you, 


answered 20 hours ago by Meike
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