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Hi, if my asylum camp is in Berlin ( this camp for almost  1 year), can I do Ausbildung from NRW or Baden-Württemberg ?

Will Ausländerbehörde allow me to go to another state for Ausbildung ?
asked Jan 2 in Education by helios

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Dear @helios

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again. 

Unfortunately, I am not really updated in the current regulations in this topic. Also different rules apply and are depending on your status (are you still in the asylum procedure?) and maybe also regarding your country of origin (if you are from a so-called safe country of origin). In general, during the asylum procedure and also within the first three years of a potential recognition by the BAMF you would need to address an "Umverteilungsantrag" to the immigration office. In the past you had to submit it at the immigraiton office in your current location and they got in touch with the authorities located in the desired new place of living. I am not sure if this is still the procedure today. In any case, I remember that it is always quite difficult to convince the authorities to let you move. Being already able to present a contract (for the Ausbildung) might be a chance though. 

I will link two of our experts here and hope that they can help us out. Dear @mbeon-Ruth and @mbe-on_Zsigó, can you give some advice here? 

All the best, 


answered Jan 9 by Meike
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