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I applied for Asylum in Canada and was accepted. I came to Germany where my uncles is using a refugee Travel document. Can I apply for Asylum in Germany, and what would be the results?

Knowing that I am a stateless person.

I had Mental health issues being alone in Canada and there are family members in Germany.
asked Aug 17 in Asylum proceedings by diyaa200020

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Dear @diyaa200020

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for your question. 

In general, everyone can apply for asylum in Germany. However, I am afraid that the authorities might refer to your protection status in Canada an reject the application. There is a section in the German asylum law (26a) which states that someone who traveled from a safe third country can not be acknowledged as a refugee. Unfortunately, I can not share much information or experience on this. Therefore, I will link two of our experts here. 

Dear @manrhei-mbeon or @mbeon-Caritas, can you give some advice or add information? Many thanks in advance! 

@diyaa200020, please don't hesitate to get back to us also if you have any further questions. 

All the best, 


answered Aug 21 by Meike
Thank you meike. I appreciate your answer.

I would like to ask you some more questions.

I am afraid if I apply for Asylum in Germany an entry ban would be issued. If I apply for Asylum in Germany now and get rejected or voluntarily withdraw my application, can I enter Germany or the EU normally again?

If my application gets rejected, can I apply for a student VISA or any type of VISA in the future?

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Dear @dlyaa200020,
Meike has added me to your request. I am a migration consultant at Caritas.

Since I can't add much more than what Meike has already said, I would recommend that you contact an asylum counseling center, Proasyl, UNHCR or a legal aid committee for more information.

All the best, mbeon-caritas
answered Aug 24 by mbeon-caritas
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