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Hello all, I have posted my situation before of been illegal and my German woman put to birth, how to make Vaterschaft and all. I have the Vaterschaft and right to my child, I have the birth certificate and all. My asyl was in Bayern, luckily with the fight by my lawyer, they transfer my file to Nordrhein-Westfalen but it wasn't easy before they transfer it, they stress me and my lawyer but at last, Rheine, Nordrhein-Westfalen is in charge of my case now.

My reason of this question.. Today, ausländerbehorde in my woman city gave a Duldung by post, with a written that I have to pay 62 euro for the duldung, is it right that I should pay for duldung?

Secondly, job centre refuse to pay me, and I have almedung in my woman house, we have done all at bürgeramt, but I don't know why job center don't want to pay me. Job center said, they are not responsible to pay me and I should contact asyl office for payment.  Is it right?

Since I have a duldung now and my Nigeria passport will be expire this December, how can I apply for resident permit? My illegal stay before, Grenze polizei has already cancel it and they stop the process of my illegal stay, they send us post, I was thinking they will give me strafe but they cancel it.

Is there a chance to get resident permit without difficult from the ausländerbehorde?.. I need help thanks
asked Jun 10 in Legal advice by David123
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They gave you a duldung for how long and what was the reason for giving you duldung?
Job ctr wont give you Money Till you get Aufenthalt Erlaubnis.
If you we're receiving Money before in social Office you need to Proof that and they will cancel the 62 euros
@Pan 123, yeah they gave me Duldung because my lawyer apply for it because I was illegal before, did you read all that I wrote? They did not tell me why they gave me Duldung. Receiving money from social asyl in Bayern before that was then when I was in asyl before I became illegal... They gave me 3 months Duldung but I can work with the Duldung but with permission from ausländerbehorde

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Hello David,
This is normal that they gave u a duldung and ask u to pay,with the duldung they wont give u a resident permit,I was also in such situation but got my resident immediately my duldung expires,
For the jobcenter also its normal bcus u have no resident permit yet u cannot apply for money by the jobcenter rather u have to go to the asylum place and submit ur almeldun so that social can pay u for ur rent and ur feeding money,I was also in Such situation u have to start the process now and also give the papers and ur duldung together with ur woman to register at the jobcenter that u have moved in with her.feel free to contact me tru my email.
Best regards
answered Jun 12 by Deprince
@Deprince how many months Duldung Ausweis they gave you before they gave you your resident? For all papers almedung and all, job center have it.. Next week me and my woman will contact the social asyl so they can be paying my rent together with my woman, I have almedung with my woman already in her house. So you mean after this Duldung they will give me resident permit?
@Deprince the problem now, my passport will expire soon by December but our Nigeria embassy is close for now....
Your passport should expiration should not be a problem,the Auslanderbehorde no how and what to do.
Pls contact me through this email.
@Deprince, did you pay also before they gave you Duldung? But before they give stay, your country passport must be more than 1 year
It depends on the office handling ur case,for the passport I saw a guy whose passport was 5months to expire but was given a resident permit with it,so it depends on ur case and who's handling it,please will recommend you to speak always to ur lawyer.thank
@Deprince I think that is impossible, they only give resident permit when your passport is above 1 year.
My brother I have told u,I have seen a person who has 5months left on his passport but he was granted his resident on it,but in ur case I think u should always contact ur lawyer,it will help u alot.thanks
@Deprince, okay, today we contact social in regard to Schein for treatment, when my woman called her, she said, she see in her system that ausländerbehorde write *Aufenthalt prüfen * my woman translate it for me and said they are checking or examine or consider to give me stay or not... Do you know what it means?
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