I was illegal and I have posted before about it in my other post. My German woman put to birth February and it was stressful to do the vaterschaft and all but  I have done the vaterschaft and right to the child(custody) and birth certificate of the child .. everything and my lawyer has fought for my file to be transfer from Bayern to NordRhein westfallen though they stress my lawyer but finally , they transfer it to my woman state ..but before I do the vaterschaft at Jugendamt, the lady at Jugendamt said, ausländerbehorde told her that we should do a DNA test before she  will do it for us ..we did it and it was positive ,we have done all as I mentioned early in this post . The ausländerbehorde will give me duldung next month . After the Duldung , my lawyer will apply for permit ... I want to know if it's possible that they will grant me stay despite that I was illegal before ? Or they will ask me to go back to Nigeria and come back with family reunion visa? What do you think ?
asked May 20, 2020 in Legal advice by felise | 745 views
Hello brother...I am really happy for you  about this situation you have overcome..please I am also in such situations here in Northern west fallen..please I will need the contact of that your lawyer please..if it is possible please reply here . Thanks and congratulations once again

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hey there,

I am really happy you finally did it. It is very unclear as to say if the authorities will grant you a residence permit. But you might have a slight chance to get it, giving the current situation, which allows you to go nowhere but to stay in DE.

Good luck
answered May 20, 2020 by Ngomon_X
@Ngomon_X thanks, before they did the vaterschaft and all though they ask me and my woman question, like when we know , how we meet, how many kids my woman have and their names and ages, what year we start dating , name of my woman father and mother etc. Though I answer all correctly and they also ask my woman same question about me .....the lady at Jugendamt ask us, she told us then that ausländerbehorde told her to question us, she put all down and send it to the ausländerbehorde and also tell us that same day that she can't do the vaterschaft until we do DNA test ..she also said that it's ausländerbehorde that told her that we should do the test ...then the ausländerbehorde in Bayern told me to come back to Bayern if not , police will be looking for me and then I never do the vaterschaft. But I didn't go to Bayern , I change my lawyer , the new lawyer write to ausländerbehorde in Bayern and my woman state , they refuse and told him I must go to Bayern , my lawyer then write to minister in Bayern and threaten to sue the ausländerbehorde in my woman state and Bayern ... that they are going against the law that they should not separate family and the father life is also at threat for traveling all the way to Bayern because of corona virus. Later the ausländerbehorde write to my lawyer in my woman state that we can do the vaterschaft...then I have already done the dna test ....so the lady at Jugendamt did all for us and she put my woman address in my vaterschaft. Now Bayern have transferred my file to my woman state and I will get Duldung next month and bürgeramt have added me to my woman address ....yeah that's how it went...stressful but I thank God ....
@Ngomon_X also ausländerbehorde in Bayern reported to grenze polizei that was before I did the vaterschaft but then I have done the DNA test ..they ask me some questions, like why didn't I tell them that I have passport when I came to Germany new? How do I get money to eat , have I report myself to any ausländerbehorde, do you want want to marry your woman , why didn't you renew your Duldung before you left the camp etc I answer all and my lawyer write them a letter also and send it to them ...but the policei also write in the paper that I can stop them for investigate if I will pay . But my lawyer told them that I have no money and there is no way I can pay when I don't have any income ...then he said they should stop the case...since then I never hear from them .....
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wow congratulations bro.. I'm from Nigeria also but it will be a favour if you can introduce or give me the contact of that your lawyer bro I will really appreciate it seems like that your lawyer is very good because I live in Bavaria also but in nürnberg please bro I am also in a very big stress help a brother 015214936881 my contact thank you baba
answered May 22, 2020 by ERKHTS
@Yaba, i greet you bro.. the problem is that the lawyer is far from you . I am not in Bavaria , my lawyer is in my woman state which is NordRhein westfallen, so it will be difficult for you ... You need a lawyer in Bayern . Yeah this lawyer is good. It's God that is doing all....
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Thankgod you have succeeded that is one of challenges people faces from different ausländebehöder.  Some are strictly some are easy to go. I was also in this process but I Thankgod I succeeded without any stress after 3 months of my child ausländebehöder called me and finger print b4 you know it the issue my aufenthaltserlaubnis
. What I can say the will grant you residents permit Westfalen is more better than bavarian
You don't have to stress your self as far you are living with you woman they have no just. Just meet them the will give you working permit and you go and **** for work it will fasten your aufenthaltserlaubnis
answered Feb 21, 2021 by Gentle james
Hello Gentle James.  I’m also in the same situation. I have a German child. I did Vaterschaft and everything.  I have already did finger print. How long do you think I have to work before getting my Aufenthalt? Been working for 6 months now.
@Gentle james they rejected it base on I was illegal for a year and they said I should go back and come back with family reunion visa.... Though I have reapply again. Now I am working,  waiting for their reply.
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