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My name khani from somalia I have protection subsadaria in Spain then got a girlfriend in Germany we have blessing baby girl 3 years ago and we went to jugenamt I take sogorechts and vatershaft then I went to auslander to apply resident permit last year and they give me 3 years Para 28 abs 1
And started working from last year to now and suddenly we last Month we separated from my girlfriend and have problem we don't live same house anymore I live onother city 30 km from her so I want to start paying unterhält for my child?
So I am worried about my resident permit  when extension to be revoked and denied after 3 years please what is the solution can I do do you think they will renew so long I take care of my child but separated. Mother

Please help with legal advice
asked May 10, 2020 in Legal advice by Khani
I guess your residence is 28.1-3.
Your permit was issued because you raising an under age German national.

What your girlfriend can try to do is to try and take sorgerecht away from you but she need to go to court.
If she convince the court that you are far away and not raising the child you can lose your sorgerecht and Auslanderbehorde wont extend your stay.
1.My 1st advice is you need to go to Judendamt and tell them you will be paying unterhalt.
2.Transfer the money to your ex girlfriend account and keep the receipt
3.Arrange to pick or see your child atleast every week.
4.Do shopping for yourchild every month and keep the receipts as proof.

If you do the 4 things i mentioned above she can never take your sorgerecht and your permit will always be extended

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Thank you bro I will do that
answered May 10, 2020 by Khani
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