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I am quite curious to know whether doing an Ausbildung on Medical Technician Radiology Assistant or doing an Ausbildung on Nursing Specialist would be better? What are the scopes for mtra? What are the scopes for  a person who has got a specialisation on Nursing? Which one has the highest paid salary?
asked Apr 11 in Education by Sidra
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Hello again @ Sidra,

as a nursing specialist you will work in the whole field of nursing (in hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory care). You can attend  a specialist training in anaesthesia/intensive medicine or dialysis for example after your apprenticeship. Depending on your work experience in these specialised fields you can earn up to 4000,- €. The salary also depends on where you work (some cities pay extra allowances and some private employers, too).

The MTRA is quite specialised from the very beginnng and the training is more technical, so you need a basic understanding of physics and good marks at maths are also an advantage. The starting salary is about 2700,- and after a specialist training, which will qualify you for higher postitions, you earn more. In sum, the salary is comparable to that of a nursing specialist. Both professions are bottleneck professions, so you will always find a workplace. If you are more interested in X-rays and technics, MTRA might be a good choice. If you're still undecided, the generalised apprenticship in nursing will open many doors, as you can specialise as a theatre nurse or in the above mentioned disciplines later. You can learn more here:

I hope my answers were useful for you and I'll be very pleased if you contact me again with further questions. I'm a member of the mbeon-staff and I‘ll be glad to guide over a longer period of time. 
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Thank you so much! Got an overview of the ausbildung.
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