I went to do the vaterschaft for my German baby yesterday in my woman city with my Nigerian passport because I have no ausweis(illegal)  but the lady at the Jugendamt handover my passport to ausländeramt, the ausländerbehorde man that came to the Jugendamt , told me he will send my passport to Bayern which have my responsibility before . They gave me a letter from Bayern which state I should come to a particular address which is Regierung von Oberbayern Sachgebiet 14.2 - Regierungsaufnahmestelle Hofmannstr. 51, Eingang D 80797  München.   the lady at the Jugendamt didn't make the vaterschaft, she said we have to do DNA test, we bought the thing to do it from apotheke, today we are going to meet with the Jugendamt woman and do the test because she said she want to be witness of the DNA test . I called the lawyer I am using now, he said I should not go to Bayern for now that I should leave my woman house and go to another place I can feel safe  until the DNA result is out. The ausländerbehorde man that came to the Jugendamt office told me I have to go sofort to Munich to the address or else police will start to **** for me.  
Please I need advice on what to do
asked Mar 4, 2020 in Legal advice by felise | 754 views

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Dear @David123

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community. 

As you opened a number of threads on your situation before, I am just thinking if it could make sense to keep the updates also in one place. 

However, as your situation is very difficult and you already hired a lawyer, I am also afraid that discussing your individual case further in public is not the best option. 

We should be careful and keep in mind the protection of your data. 

Additionally, giving any advice which possibly will have a big impact on your future, should be based on the whole picture and taking into consideration every relevant detail. In alternative to discussing your current situation here, you are more than welcome to contact one of our experts via the MBEon-App. Their services are confidential and free of charge. 

Take care and all the best, 


answered Mar 6, 2020 by Meike
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