If I may ask to go back to my home country and come back with family reunion visa because I have a German child in Germany  and I decide to go back , my question , if I go back  and if my German girlfriend is not working,  that is depending on job centre , will that prevent them for issuing me the visa?

How long will it take for the family reunion visa to be granted if I decided to go?  

Last question .

Will my illegally staying before getting duldung because of my German child prevent me from getting a resident permit if they don't ask me to go and come back with family reunion visa?  Or will it prevent them for issuing me the visa if I am in my country because I have lived illegal in Germany before ?
asked Feb 25, 2020 in Legal advice by felise | 1,040 views

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Dear David123,

thank you for sharing this interesting question with the wefugees community.

let me try to answer your questions. It would be nice if someone could add:

1. You would then apply for a visa to reunite with your (German) child, therefore it is not necessary for your girlfriend to have any income.

2. You are Nigerian? The process is described by the German embassy in Lagos further:https://nigeria.diplo.de/blob/1426558/cd64eaa2de9468d5af2704d82d901d32/nachzug-zum-d-kind-data.pdf

The embassy states that the verification process of Nigerian Documents takes a t least 5 month... 

3. The normal process is to go back and apply for family reunion from your country of origin. However, the Ausländerbehörde has the discretion (Ermessensspielraum) to decide to grant you the residence permit if you fulfill all the requirements and there are valid reasons for it (e.g. pregnant girlfriend, childcare...). The fact that you stayed illegal in Germany or that you entered Germany illegally might influence their discression. If Ausländerbehörde ties to sent you back to apply for a visa in your home country, the involvement of a lawyer for migration law might influence the discretion in your favor. 

4. I don't think that the illegal stay will prevent the embassy from issuing the visa (if that is the only offense), maybe somebody else can answer this question more professional?



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answered Feb 26, 2020 by Marco_MBE
@mbeon-Bernd the lady at the Jugendamt didn't take my passport . She only take a copy from it . I have my passport with me . I only make a photo copy and send it to her and I have termin with her March 3rd . Giving her a photo copy does that mean she will give the photo copy to ausländerbehorde? Will they deport me ? Because she said if I am coming on 3rd March , I should come with a translator .
@Isa2020 but I didn't give the lady at jugendamt my passport, I only make a photo copy of it and send it to her. But Jugendamt is not standesamt.
@Isa2020 , I have my original passport with me. The lady in Jugendamt have only a photo copy . It's because I don't have asylum ausweis. My duldung has expired for a long time and I am illegal . She also take my old duldung ausweis and a photocopy of the passport.
@David I was just giving you an example.. go and talk to your lawyer because it's alwys better to be on the safe side.. a copy of your passport it's a prove of your identity and its sufficient if they want to deport you.. I dnt intend to scare you but I just want you to be extra careful..
@Isa2020 ok thanks
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