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I have not gotten a better reply to my previous question on how to make a vaterschaft because I have tried Jugendamt and but it didn't work out because I am illegal and the lawyer I am using is not doing anything . Notar say my country passport is not enough that they need any ausweis from Germany and I don't have any because I am illegal . Jugendamt don't make for me because I don't have valid asylum duldung  and I do not have any address . So can I apply for DNS test  and use the test to apply for  vaterschaft and soregerect?  Or if I apply for DNA test and I got the test , what will I do so I can make the vaterschaft easily or can I try again in another Notar with my Nigeria Passport? I am tired and I need advice from expert thanks. How much for DNA test?
asked Feb 18, 2020 in Legal advice by felise

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Dear David123,

thank you for sharing this question with the wefugees community.

I think I answered most of your question already in treat

You are free to take a DNA Test if the mother of the child agrees. There is no general necessity for a DNA test  but if the authorities are in doubt regarding the biological paternity (biologische Vaterschaft) it might support your case. If the authorities (Notary, Jugendamt) request documents to verify your identity, a DNA test is of no use.

Prices for a DNA-Test (father, mother, child) are starting from 300 Euros.



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