I am illegal and I met with a lawyer in regard to my German woman that was pregnant.  So he wrote to ausländerbörde in Bayern where I seek my asyl before and he also wrote to ausländerbörde in Rheine (Nordwest)  that I am expecting a German child so that they will give me duldung. Ever since he wrote to them , they haven't reply.  Now my woman has put to birth on Sunday and today she came from hospital . We call the lawyer , he said both ausländerbörde  haven't reply him. So he said we should go to do the vaterschaft,  but my woman told him I don't have any ausweis to do the vaterschaft,  the lawyer said , we should take the paper giving to her from hospital and try but if they don't give me the vaterschaft,  we should call him. Tomorrow I will be going with my woman to do the vaterschaft.  I want to know if it will be possible to do the vaterschaft without ausweis?  Or can we go to ausländerbörde in my woman state and seek for duldung since my woman has put to birth ? Please I need urgent reply Thanks
asked Feb 12, 2020 in Legal advice by felise | 1,913 views
@Hass is like you don't understand me. I am ilegal without ausweis. What I need now is ausweis so I can do the vaterschaft of my German child .the question I ask, can I do the vaterschaft with my Nigeria passport and birth certificate ? Or you mean they will do it with my Nigeria passport if I have address maybe if catholic provide me with address? Which last address do you mean ?
@Hass the last address they mean I should go back to the ausländerbehorde that was responsible for my case then. That's what they mean by the last address . But what I really need is ausweis . I don't really know if I can do it with my Nigeria passport
@Meike why don't you want to reply me ?
@Meike I have get back to you but you don't want to reply me. If I want to use the Notar as I am illegal, what document should I bring and what document will my woman bring before we can do it at the Notar ?

Dear @David123

Thank you for your reply. We are always trying our best to respond as soon as possible. Unfortunately, our resources are also limited and there are numerous topics discussed on this platform at the same time. 

I have seen the two other threads you just opened with the same content. In order to keep information in one place, I will close those ones - I hope you understand. 

Coming back to your situation: I am really sorry to hear, that it did not go well with the recognition of the fatherhood. About the notary, it was just an idea coming to my mind, as I know cases, in which they accepted i.e. a father's refugee passport instead of a country passport and a birth certificate. But that is always at the discretion of the individual notary. As you have no documents at all, this might also not be sufficient for the notary to prove your identity. 

However, I remember that we advised you to consult a migration counselling office already. Also in terms of finding a good and reliable lawyer for your difficult case. 

I am afraid, that it will be hardly possible to give you a more profound support on this public platform, on which we are at the end only capable of giving general information instead of individual legal counselling. 

You may also want to discuss your situation with one of our experts via the "mbeon-App". Please let us know, if you need some further information on their services. 

I wish I could give you a more helpful response and immediate tips. I will cross my fingers, that you will find a good solution for your troubles. 

All the best, 


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9 Answers

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Please I had told you to ask in catholic church for the place which could give an address for homelessness persons not the church will not give the address .
The other option I told you the postfach address and I think your women knew it  .
About your auswise you have old one yeas or no if yeas I think you have your passport too  so with your passport and old auswise and the address of the post fach you can do it easy trey to change the  the time of the lady who she work in the office or ask if is their any other place to make the registration but do not go to auslanderbehorden
answered Feb 15, 2020 by Hass
@Hass do you know anyone that have done it before ? But even if I have place to stay where they keep homeless , they won't still do it
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Or your women make for you rent contract with her in her house or room and register you at meldungsamt  by her self but if in melding amt ask for your present to go to .I do not knew your situation are you illigal with an order to be deported or what  or only illigal remember you have your passport so it is very easy to be deported  
I do not knew if you have your current passport and your women is German so why you need auswies
answered Feb 15, 2020 by Hass
@Hass my asylum finished last year and I have been illegal for 11 month now . Now my German woman just put to birth . I can't do the vaterschaft because I do not have ausweis . Hope you understand now
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OK in which rejection in the court or only bamf
If it is only at bamf then you could make an appeal at the court verwaltungsgericht
If you did all  steps  then there is other way to do it
You go again to bamf to ask for second asile if you did not do it for new elements and you should arrange good new reason how ever it was  plus you have child and you can not go to your country with your baby or your women refusing to go to your home and she must stay with you and the baby in Germany  but first did you got letter for ordering you to leave Germany in  limited time yeas or not
It is better to have asile lawyer  and say for him that you need to re open your asylum case and tell him your situation but change the lawyer you got him before but first you must make the address as I told you
answered Feb 15, 2020 by Hass
@Hass My case was rejected by court and I was using duldung so they stop to renew it because I do not give them my country identiy. They need my identity then so they can deport me but I never give it to them.
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No last address meaning the region which you were before but you did not need auslanderbehorden in the old address at least now because your situation not with auslanderbehorden because you are signed out from them but if they will find you as illigal you could be deported even your baby situation because you are not married  .so trey to wait till tomorrow and use your women address and just put your name on her mail box  and if they did not accept your nigirian pass so you could do the other way in the city of your women ask for asile again for new elements.
The third. Why your women not asking for marriage and arrange it it is better
Auslanderbehorden will not give you Aussies   and no place his hop to do so except auslanderbehorden
answered Feb 15, 2020 by Hass
@Hass do you mean if me and my woman go to my old ausländerbehorde , they won't give me ausweis?
OK if no chance tomorrow's please find out with good lowyer to ask for new asil for new elements
Tell your lawyer to do illantrag at verwaltungsgericht against auslanderbehorden  that auslanderbehorden rejected to renew your duldung  and you have human crisis and trey to send with the case to verwaltungsgericht copy of the letter which the lawyer had sent it to auslanderbehorden this illantrag is fast procedure and in the most worse case also write that you need to ask for new procedure in asylum for new elements
Do not go to old auslanderbehorden at least now at this moment you are not married man   trey to ask your lawyer if you trust him because a lot of lawyers here easy to cheat you
@Hass what if I do DNA test and I take the DNA test to show the child is mine, will they still renew my ausweis?
@Hass I mean , will they give me a new duldung ?
@Hass I do not want to seek asylum again.
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Man what fucen DNA do not do it this is only in criminal cases if the authority had asked you to do it
Tell your lawyer tomorrow if they did not accept your nigirian pass .
About the new asile case but even with duldung you can not register baby you must give them pass and birth certification or you could asks if you can have witnesses with you and the lawyer ask about that do not think about DNA or such studied things
answered Feb 15, 2020 by Hass
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Tell your lawyer what about to open ( illantrag gegen auslanderbehorden ) at verwaltungsgericht and in this case you write that auslanderbehorden had stopped to renew your duldung  without sending you letter saying clearly that you must leave Germany  + now you have human crisis because you can not register your baby but first ask if by duldung you could register your baby I  suspect .so we do not want to make around around our selvs
answered Feb 15, 2020 by Hass
There is new law in 1/1/2020 auslanderbehorden can put the asylum seeker in prison if he refused to  go or  if he under  order of deportation so please do not go personally or telling them your address
@Hass thanks . I will not go to the ausländerbehorde alone . So you mean they can still deport me even if I have German child?
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Listen man now you have no proof for any thing to make you stay and auslanderbehorden want to deport you and auslanderbehorden not give decision but auslanderbehorden Waite for decisions to behave now you must ask the lawyer if you trust
A- is duldung can be enough proof for identity or not to write your baby under your name .
B- in case yeas asks your lawyer to make illantrag at verwaltungsgericht gegen auslanderbehorden

,or trey with your passport nigirian and ask before showing them the passport because when you give them the pass auslanderbehorden will knew so your deportation will be ready  think before any thing
The marriage is the best and also still not enough because you must be supported in your life in finanance by your women and if she refuses so auslanderbehorden will deport you
answered Feb 16, 2020 by Hass
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Dear @David123,

Our expert @mbeon-Bernd gave some very interesting information in his response to another raised question (I assume maybe by your partner as the situation is very much the same) on this platform. If you haven not already seen it, please have a **** at this thread.

All the best,


answered Feb 18, 2020 by Meike
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Mike i believe everything was okay right?

Because i read some of this comments concerning your issue!
answered Aug 27, 2021 by Arreyboy
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